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Welcome To Tii Techno Testing Instruments Pvt. Ltd.

Tii Techno Testing Instruments Pvt. Ltd., is one of the leading and established organization partnering with major manufacturers around the world for equipment related to various industries. Products include Testing equipment for Automotive Industries, Structural and Civil Engineering, Aerospace, Scientific and Educational Institutions, Analytical Instrumentation, Teaching Equipment, Surveying Equipment, etc. All the equipment is supported by full-fledged after-sales service facilities provided by factory trained and certified service engineers all over India.

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What we do?

We provide best solution for your business


Tii Techno Testing Instruments core strategy is to approach all its potential customers, providing them with uncompromised product quality, performance, technical, application and service support.



Tii employs an impressive team of qualified engineers, technicians and other technical staff, with considerable formal training and experience. Regular visits to overseas suppliers and manufacturers.



Materials testing covers an extremely diverse range of applications, spanning many different industries and an even wider variety of materials, from metals, composites and ceramics to polymers and many others.



We at TII Techno Testing Instruments are fully committed to providing value oriented quality products and services, from the perspective of the customer.Quality of workmanship and service are encouraged without adding unduly to cost.Quality is primarily dependent upon individual commitment and acceptance of responsibility by each employee for the quality of the products and services offered, both internal and external to the company.Efforts of continuous improvement focus on enhancement of product and process reliability and customer satisfaction.

Our Principal Companies

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