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NDT Equipment

Thickness Gauges

The TG100D is truly an innovation in simplicity. Select units directly from inches/mm key, then, select steel, aluminum, cast iron or plastic from the direct access keypad and Zero.

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Flaw Detectors

The high speed, fully sunlight readable, backlit display offers a full Quarter VGA resolution. The resolution. The resolution of the display will appear to approach analog! User

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Bond Testers

FINALLY, the follow on to the famed capability of the BondaScope 2100, the BondaScope 3100 Re-Defines the meaning of

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Imaging Systems

Ultrasonic Imaging is used to detect corrosion on oil platforms in the North Sea, in pipelines and tank farms from Alaska to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and airplanes from Seattle, Washington to Shanghai, Peoples Republic of China.

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Optima Series general purpose ultrasonic thickness transducers are available in Fingertip Contact, Rugged Contact, Standard & Miniature Angle Beam as well as Immersion and Dual Element Transducers.

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Introducing.... The ALL New CB110 thickness gage, Designed Specifically AUTOMOTIVE Inspection requirements. Applications include Cylinder Bore Inspection, Head Porting, Chassis & Body Members, Roll Cage** Thickness Inspection and

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